Spam calendar invites from

Anyone else’s calendar getting completely spammed with invites from or ?



If you are, you are not alone – my calendar has been absolutely crammed with them. As far as I can tell there is no malware or anything security-wise that I have done to allow access to my calendar, it would appear that anyone can invite themselves to any calendar – an obvious security issue.


Its easy to remove them, by right-clicking and choosing Decline, but shortly after doing this for a single item on my calendar it was absolutely inundated with them, so don’t do that! By declining you notify the person that it is a valid email address for the calendar.


Update: 14th November 2016 – Apple engineers have got back to me letting me know that they are working to resolve the issue as it is a huge issue affecting lots of Apple iCloud accounts and that they have seen a sudden increase in the requests over the past 2 weeks. On other more worrying news I now have bogus photos requests too.

The most important things you should do is: Change your iCloud password to something new, and turn on 2-factor authentication for your account.

Welcoming Sierra

macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS all announced at WWDC tonight – looking forward to trying them out when we are developing new iPhone and iPad Apps in the coming months. I think that building in voice integration to all apps is absolutely critical for apps in the future. More and more users are going to want to use computers/devices and apps solely by voice, so it’s great to see the full integration of voice directly into an operating system for the first time.

What do you think? Will you start talking to your Mac?

Swift 2 – Make phone call from App

Apple updated its guidelines a while back so that if you want press a button in your App to then make a phone call, it must prompt first to ask the user for confirmation that they wish to make the call.

After hours and hours of trying to make my own UIAlertController and really struggling with the Confirm button not running the function to actually make the call, I decided to do a lot more googling.

Turns out there is a fantastically simple way to use the built-in prompt.

if let url = NSURL(string: “telprompt://01234567890”)

iPad Pro Safari Crashing when pressing the address bar??

Its very rare for me to have to create a post these days about an Apple product that is not working as it should! If you have tried to use Safari today with the latest iOS 9.2.1 and press the address bar it crashes instantly. Thankfully there is an easy, if annoying fix!

Go to Settings and then down the the Safari section on the left and TURN OFF Safari Suggestions! Crash fixed!

Safari settings for safari suggestions

Live Photos – are we in the world of Harry Potter?

Apple’s New Live Photos have just arrived on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. (

Essentially, the camera captures a couple of seconds of video before and after each photo, meaning that photos can have movement. giphy

Remember those wonderful scenes in Harry Potter where the wizard newspaper photos move… expect that to start arriving in your Facebook news feed, desktop wallpapers and generally take over everywhere on the web within the next 6-12 months as everyone goes moving-photo mad. Will you look back in 2-3 years time at an old photo and wonder why it doesn’t move. Will our children find our static photos quirky, old-fashioned and boring?

No more static images, instead of a moment in time of a university graduate about to throw their hat up in the air, you will get to see them throwing it up, again…and again….and again! Essentially its a high-quality animated gif.

The problem with animated gif’s was always that they only had 256 colours, meaning that if you tried to use it with a colour image they ended up always looking grainy and un-natural. Once again Apple have come up with a completely new take on something that already existed and have improved it to make it fit in with the way people use their phones and devices.

Here it is explained in a great video by Mashable.

Are you ready for Apple Music?

Apple Music Screen-grab from promo

Apple Music goes live today! In order to get access to it you will need to update your iOS devices to iOS 8.4, which will be available in the UK at 4pm today. Once you have installed the update then you will be able to avail of the new Apple Music service that is free for the first 3 months. After the free trial it costs $9.99 per month (or $14.99 for your whole family), no-one is exactly sure how much it will cost in the UK at the time of writing.

The biggest barrier to using Apple Music?

The biggest barrier in the UK is still that lack of high-speed internet connectivity for large areas of the country. If you have slow broadband (or a large family with lots of devices and games using up your precious bandwidth), Apple Music only streams music, so you will probably struggle to listen seamlessly. Couple this with most households who have download limits, and Apple might find that adoption of its service in the UK is slow to start, particularly outside of  major cities, where have any mobile signal is a blessing, 3G is a far away dream and 4G is some sort of miracle that we have heard exists somewhere, but as yet is illusive.

A New Radio Station?

If you do have the connectivity, then you should probably check out Beats 1 – its Apple’s own Internet radio station that’s launching alongside Apple Music. It’ll be available in the Music app and broadcasting live around the world 24/7. The station will play new music regardless of the genre and feature a number of A-list celebrities with their own shows.

Beats 1 will go live tomorrow at 9 a.m. PT or 12 p.m. ET, an hour after Apple Music officially launches.