New Job!

I’ve started my first full-time job at Skills Training UK Limited in their Hayes centre as IT Trainer. There are two of us in the IT Department, me and Gitesh. Gitesh is really great, he knows lots about computers too. Its already been so much learning today. I’ve got a few ideas of how we could re-layout the IT area to make much better use of space, and to make it look more friendly to help us train unemployed people on the New CLAIT course. The New CLAIT course is really the basics of using a computer, and one of the things I will have to do is work on some proper training materials.

The company only has 1 computer that is on the internet, and it uses the email address [email protected] – I already talked to the Finance Director Avtar today and told him that I could get the company a proper website and internet for all the computers in the centre. He thought that was a great idea and told me to write it up and get it to him – so thats what I’m going to work on after this entry!

I’m still living in Hayes, but my girlfriend Barbara and I will hopefully be able to get our own place soon now that I have a job that actually pays a full-time salary!

Tranquilities Eve

Resting between cool linen,

On a drowsy summers eve

My lover dozing peacefully,

I’m listening to her breathe.


The evening starlight calm,

Breeze rippling through the leaves

Hearing the machinery startling,

It’s a shame what man achieves.


Escape to a place of no ripples,

No nothing to spoil the peace

Lying there beside my lover,

Hoping this moment will never cease.



© 1999 Mr Richard M Taylor.

Desire To Care

Desire To Care - Reflection

Paradise in turmoil,

Organised Chaos.

A battlefield of emotion,

Control without controls.


A wilderness in Time,

Floods of tears.

Acres of happiness,

Eyes that sparkle.


Such joy and glee,

Contrast unremitting pain.

Thoughts chasing through trees,

Dodging, never crashing.


Turn around and see me,

Hear my voice, Touch me.

You are my everything,

My swift footsteps without movement.


With billowing hair you observe,

Lips that shame blood.

Like a river with gracious curves,

Beauty rivalled only by your reflection.


Needs to desires,

Desires untamed in the hunt,

Love flowing from the source,

Snow without the cold.


Richard Taylor

June 1999


© 1999 Mr Richard M Taylor.


Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all readers of the RMTWeb Blog. This is my first year away from home, and I am currently working on Christmas day at The Cottage Hotel & Restaurant. I have to be there in one hours time to get things ready for Christmas day dinners, so just enough time to post this Christmas message.

Getting the hotel all set up ready for Christmas Day customers to arrive. All the tables look really great.

Merry Christmas!

This year has been quite an adventure, with starting Brunel University in West London and having what feels like a full-time job as a waiter at the same time is exhausting. I’ve been doing a lot less programming in my Computer Science degree than I was expecting, in fact we did a lot more programming on my tec course. I’ve learned a lot of HTML which is really useful, but its not real programming. That said, its been very useful as I’ve been using it to migrate all my old diary entries from floppy disk over from text-only format in to HTML pages.

Most days in December I have been working from 2pm through until midnight. I usually get one day a week off, but not during holidays, all the staff have been helping out a lot as the housekeeper keeps being off, and sometimes the chef doesn’t turn up for breakfasts so I have even had a go at making those too!

Today for Christmas dinner all the waiting staff drank bits of champagne out of tea cups, after several of those I really did feel rather tipsy, but not so much that it impaired my ability to silver serve, so it wasn’t that bad!

After all the hotel guests and the manager went home we had the whole hotel to ourselves as staff and had a huge meal and lots to drink too!

“Mr Woo” attempts smoke rings. So much fun chilling out after Christmas day dinner finished and having a huge staff meal in the dining room.

Emma and I have ended up spending loads of time in the reception this past week. Its always quiet on a Sunday night, and we ended up messing around with my digital camera – she is so lovely! Her and her Mum took me out for a meal one evening to a Harvester – it had a huge salad bar, was lots of fun spending time with Emma outside of work too!

New Job!

Today I started work at the Cottage Hotel and Restaurant as a waiter. It’s a lovely little hotel just up Hillingdon Hill. I went for an interview and met the manager when I visited in July with Dad but today is my first actual evening working here. Its fantastic pay compared to what I used to get at the Beach House Hotel in Portballintrae – £3.75 per hour!

It’s been quite a long shift, I started at 4pm, and have just arrived back in halls now, but thats ok because it means lots of money! I think other people may have started arriving in halls earlier because it looks like there is new stuff in the kitchen. The chef is a bit of a nightmare and seems to get cross at the simplest of things, but the Assistant Manager Carl is amazing. He seems like so much fun! I also met some of the other staff who are already there and they are all lovely – Sarah, Martin, Bridget (Martins Mum).

At occasions there is a definite Fawlty Towers feel to the hotel, but I rather like that! I realised that I take great enjoyment from being as efficient as possible as a waiter (this evening I already managed to pre-empt a couple asking for a jug of water and had it ready and waiting to take to their table so that when they did ask it took only seconds to deliver!). I think its really important to try to pre-empt and almost plan for what customers might want in the future, when I start my own web design company one day I must remember that!

Richardey Update

It turns out that my programme spread rather a lot. Rather too much in fact, so much so that the lecturers realised which Richard it was and today I got a formal written warning at Tec. They were originally going to suspend me, but because my programme didn’t do any damage I only got a written warning. Apparently its not a good idea to write programmes that spread over the network – thats called a virus, and is bad. The head of year was impressed that I had made it work, but still said I should not have done it.

Time to retire writing programmes like Richardey then, even if they do no damage and are just a bit of fun. It did get me thinking as to what sort of programme I could actually write if I wanted to. With Windows now storing everything in the same place, it would be easy to write a programme to send a copy of someones documents to a different computer on the same network, but I can’t figure out how to get it to do that over the internet, which would be way better.