Hahas Update


I can’t get the program working as I wanted on the BBC computers, but the school got new computers running MS-DOS 4 that are much easier to work and alter, especially since I already have the 3.30a manual at home. The final version of Hahas (version 3) that I finished today doesn’t display anything on screen at all when it runs other than the c:/> that looks like the normal prompt...



Today I finished version 1 of a program that will run on the BBC computers in school. People keep stealing my floppy disks to annoy me so I decided to get my own back. If they try to use them I have a program that will now run when inserted into the BBC computers that I have written and compiled in Basic. I called in the HAHAs, because thats what it displays on screen – a never-ending loop...



Today I wrote my first program in QBasic. I managed to get it copied on to our 286 computer using 2 floppy disks that managed to buy this week for £1 each from the school office. I copied QBasic from the computer at school on to the disks and managed to get it working at home!



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