by Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953) When George’s Grandmamma was told That George had been as good as gold, She promised in the afternoon To buy him an Immense BALLOON. And so she did; but when it came, It got into the candle flame, And being of a dangerous sort Exploded with a loud report! The lights went out! The windows broke! The room was filled with reeking smoke. And in the darkness, shrieks and...

RMTWeb is born


As many great names do, the creating of the name RMTWeb was a complete fluke. I have a brand new Pentium 200MMX computer a staggeringly huge 2.5Gb hard disk and a 16 speed CD-ROM Drive! In addition this amazing computer has 32Mb of RAM and a large 15″ CRT monitor! This super machine also has a modem and allows me to connect to the Internet using AOL! The first account I signed up for gave...



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