Happy Christmas!


Happy Christmas to all readers of the RMTWeb Blog. This is my first year away from home, and I am currently working on Christmas day at The Cottage Hotel & Restaurant. I have to be there in one hours time to get things ready for Christmas day dinners, so just enough time to post this Christmas message. Getting the hotel all set up ready for Christmas Day customers to arrive. All the tables...

Web bookshop


I’ve just been going through the course guide and realising just how many books I will have to buy. There has got to be a better way to buy books than having to go visit the on-campus bookshop. It’s crowded, cramped, and full of over-priced books. I think a much better way would be to make a website that you could buy books from. It would mean that you could keep overheads down to a minimum, and...

New Job!


Today I started work at the Cottage Hotel and Restaurant as a waiter. It’s a lovely little hotel just up Hillingdon Hill. I went for an interview and met the manager when I visited in July with Dad but today is my first actual evening working here. Its fantastic pay compared to what I used to get at the Beach House Hotel in Portballintrae – £3.75 per hour! It’s been quite a long...



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