New Job!

Today I started work at the Cottage Hotel and Restaurant as a waiter. It’s a lovely little hotel just up Hillingdon Hill. I went for an interview and met the manager when I visited in July with Dad but today is my first actual evening working here. Its fantastic pay compared to what I used to get at the Beach House Hotel in Portballintrae – £3.75 per hour!

It’s been quite a long shift, I started at 4pm, and have just arrived back in halls now, but thats ok because it means lots of money! I think other people may have started arriving in halls earlier because it looks like there is new stuff in the kitchen. The chef is a bit of a nightmare and seems to get cross at the simplest of things, but the Assistant Manager Carl is amazing. He seems like so much fun! I also met some of the other staff who are already there and they are all lovely – Sarah, Martin, Bridget (Martins Mum).

At occasions there is a definite Fawlty Towers feel to the hotel, but I rather like that! I realised that I take great enjoyment from being as efficient as possible as a waiter (this evening I already managed to pre-empt a couple asking for a jug of water and had it ready and waiting to take to their table so that when they did ask it took only seconds to deliver!). I think its really important to try to pre-empt and almost plan for what customers might want in the future, when I start my own web design company one day I must remember that!