Merry Christmas!


Wishing you a Happy Christmas! Here is a fantastic Christmas-themed wallpaper for you!

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Tranquilities Eve


Resting between cool linen, On a drowsy summers eve My lover dozing peacefully, I’m listening to her breathe.   The evening starlight calm, Breeze rippling through the leaves Hearing the machinery startling, It’s a shame what man achieves.   Escape to a place of no ripples, No nothing to spoil the peace Lying there beside my lover, Hoping this moment will never cease.   14/07/1999...

Desire To Care


Paradise in turmoil, Organised Chaos. A battlefield of emotion, Control without controls.   A wilderness in Time, Floods of tears. Acres of happiness, Eyes that sparkle.   Such joy and glee, Contrast unremitting pain. Thoughts chasing through trees, Dodging, never crashing.   Turn around and see me, Hear my voice, Touch me. You are my everything, My swift footsteps without movement...



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