Teacher training evaluation tomorrow


I’m starting to get really nervous about my teacher training evaluation that it going to take place tomorrow afternoon. I know that it will go relatively well, as I have done loads of research and practiced what we are going to be doing. Wish me luck world!

7407 Stage 1 Teacher Training – Week 5 Notes


  7407 – Stage 1   Lesson 05   Date Tuesday, 08 October 2002     Re-cap from last week   Aim – not measurable Kirsten’s Aims: To introduce the concept of evaluation To provide an opportunity for practical teaching   Outcomes – measurable (Objectives) Kirsten’s Outcomes: List key features of evaluation Differentiate between qualitative & quantitative...

7407 Stage 1 Teacher Training – Week 4 Notes


  7407 – Stage 1   Lesson 04   Date Tuesday, 01 October 2002     Main Points covered today:       Today:   Recap of last week’s material. Session Planning.. Whats the point?   To provide clear learning goals and outcomes To prevent veering off-track Time   What to we need to know about session planning?   We need to develop lesson plans...



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