ArchiveJanuary 2002

Rolling out the DMS


So the system that I started working on back in October last year has caught on – it started with the ESOL tutors asking how we knew what reviews to do and what files to get as we were never in the admin office one we came back from Christmas holidays. I showed them the DMS and they asked if they could use it too, so I made them user accounts and they are now using it too. I’ve added...

7407 Stage 1 Unit Task Descriptions


Unit Tasks Unit 101 Unit 101: Assess Learners Needs   Unit Summary Completion of the Stage One assignment will ensure that you have considered important aspects of the following FENTO standard: Key Area A: Assessing Learners Needs     Key Areas A1      identify and plan for the needs of potential learners A2      make an initial assessment of learners needs     Assessment...



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