Rewarding yet awkward


Part of my new job that I really don’t like is just how much some of the learners come and sit on my desk. They are all teenage girls and are usually 17 or 18 years old, and wearing extremely revealing clothes. It’s so very awkward because they do it so deliberately. I’m one of the youngest staff here, and so they always seem to come ask me for things. They are lovely, but...

7407 Stage 1 – Assignments


assignment_101 (This assignment was a PASS)
assignment_102 (This assignment was a PASS)
assignment_103 (This assignment was a PASS)
assignment_104 (This assignment was a PASS)
assignment_105 (This assignment was a PASS)
assignment_106 (This assignment was a PASS)
assignment_107 (This assignment was a PASS)
assignment_108 (This assignment was a PASS)

7407 Stage 1 – Weekly Notes


As part of my Teacher Training course I kept notes for each week. Here they are below in Microsoft Word format.
01 – Induction
02 – Learning Styles
03 – Assessing Learners Needs
04 – Session Planning
05 – Evaluation
07 – Teaching and learning strategies
08 – Resources
09 – Terminology and Methods
10 – Feedback and Evaluation
11 – Tutorial



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