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PC Pro podcast number 2


Podcast number 2 is now live, with staff members giving their views on the eternal desktop vs laptop debate and what happens to your data when you die. Plus Jon Honeyball on Microsoft and its latest technology announcements.

Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000


Today, after 4 years of using the same Microsoft Intellimouse Optical 1.1A, I finally upgraded to a Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000. So whats the difference and the verdict? Instantly I have noticed that the new mouse is significantly more accurate than the old mouse – working with images to crop them is significantly easier – I can now pinpoint the exact location where I want to mouse...

Open File Security Warning for files on Network Shares


Today, Microsoft decided to be down-right annoying! A windows update has changed some setting or another on my Vindows Vista Ultimate and Home Premium machines that now means that an "Open File – Security Warning" is displayed when I try to open any file on a network share! How annoying is that! Considering that I open several thousand files a day, pretty much all of which are on...



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