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Multi-monitor Graphics Questions


Since posting my article about having 4 screens, I’ve had numerous people contacting me asking how I did it, because when they try to do it they get a "Incompatible display adapter has been disabled" error message. The full message is: Incompatible display adapter has been disabled At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible...

iMac Mini – where to begin…


Ok, so today I received my very expensive purchase of a new Mac Mini. Problems and good things… Here are the problems I have encountered…. 1. No keyboard or mouse provided – even the cheapest Dell systems come with a keyboard and mouse, so after a hunt for a USB keyboard and mouse I eventually got a keyboard and mouse connected. For £400 you would expect at least an economy...

PC Pro Podcast 4 – Broad Banned


PC Pro Podcast 4 is now online, in which we talk broadband problems with Angus Flett, Director of BT Wholesale, asking him why customers should put up with traffic shaping and whether BT’s much-touted new network will really change anything. … Continue reading →



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