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How to stop Outlook 2007 asking for a password every time you open outlook when connecting to Exchange


If you are encountering an infuriating problem where Outlook constantly asks you for your password even though you check the "Remember my password" box every single time, then you are in luck because here is how to fix the problem. Make sure you have logged on to exchange one last time when opening Outlook, and chosen the option "Remember my password" Make sure Outlook is...

PC Pro Podcast 19


Podcast 19 is here, in which the team ponders on the future of digital cameras, wonders if Scrabulous might look a teeny bit like another popular word game, and speculates on the contents of the Home Secretary’s handbag. Editor Tim … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 18


In the latest weekly podcast the team gets to grips with an unusual new MP3 player from Creative, ponders on the political reasoning behind IDF announcements and argues the moral case for and against levying huge fines on illegal file … Continue reading →



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