ArchiveApril 2009

PC Pro Podcast 54


This week, Darien Graham-Smith reports from the Infosec conference, where figures as diverse as David Blunkett and Eugene Kaspersky have been calling for tougher security legislation. Dave Stevenson shows off a novel little data-sharing device and, just for a change, … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 53


Have the Pirate Bay boys been hard done by? The team argues over it this week. Plus we cover the BBC iPlayer revamp, commiserate with AMD over its recent performance and ponder the implication of a 3D web, courtesy of … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 52


This week the team sets its sights on Amazon’s peculiar removel of certain books from its lists; wonders what eBay was doing when it bought Skype; argues over the pronunication of ‘OS’ and looks at quite possibly the largest and … Continue reading →



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