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PC Pro Podcast 62


This week we panic about the internet killing all the humans, look at the wisdom of Intel and Nokia’s cosy tie-up, marvel at plug-sized PCs, how anyone in their right mind would give their Facebook details to their employer, and … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 61


This week the UK’s Digital Britain report hits the agenda; we look at the joy of Microsoft’s EU-prompted actions; Opera re-invents the web; Google and Microsoft do some sparring in the playground; and we look at the smallest fully fledged … Continue reading →

ASP.NET – Returning multiple rows as a DataRowCollection easily


We found whilst programming that on many occasions we need to return a recordset in an similar fashion to what we would have done in Classic ASP – and whilst there are many ways to do this, we found that creating the following functions in a .vb file that we can then call is the fastest way. If we are only returning one row, we have a different function that simply returns a single row as a...



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