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PC Pro Podcast 65


On this week’s podcast we deliver our first impressions of Office 2010, discuss the rush for Windows 7, applaud Stephen Fry’s blast at the music industry and consider appointing a 15-year-old as editor of PC Pro. And finally, Tim Danton … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 64


As our weekly podcast flips its sixth bit, we discuss the announcement of Google’s new operating system, ponder Sony’s long-anticipated entry into the cut-price netbook market and reflect on a very bad week for web-snooping service Phorm. Our hot hardware … Continue reading →

ASP.NET – Programmatically adding a hyperlink field – “Value of type String cannot be converted to ‘1 dimensional array of String’ (vb) – the solution


We came across an interesting problem when trying to programmatically add a column to a asp:gridview using page_load (vb). It took quite a while to figure out the relatively simple solution, so I thought that I would share it Original code: Dim hf As New HyperLinkField hf.Text = "Delete" hf.DataNavigateUrlFormatString = "delete.aspx?JobID={0}" hf.DataNavigateUrlFields =...



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