PC Pro Podcast 71

This week: in the wake of the Government threatening to cut off illegal file sharers, does our panel think it’s a bluff to earn Labour money or a real threat to nefarious file sharing? Is Nokia’s Booklet 3G really “not a netbook”? What magic goo has Jon Bray brought into the studio? Will Microsoft finally win over its critics now the Family Pack for Windows 7 is officially here? And can it really be true that there will be no female A-Level Computing students by 2014? Can the new Sonos music streamer win the prized Hot Hardware of the Week spot? Don’t just sit there, download it!

PC Pro Podcast 70

Among this week’s burning questions: can the idea of paying only what you think software is worth ever work? Will the Pirate Party ever make a splash in the UK? Microsoft gets hauled up for patent infringements, but what does it mean? Can a Twitter tsar help labour? Is Sony doing the right thing with its eBook formats? And can a processor with a TDP of 140W ever be considered hot hardware of the week? All this and more is answered in the PC Pro podcast.