PC Pro Podcast 90

This week’s show sees Barry and Tim relive the highlights of CES 2010, from the new Motorola smartphone to the surprising slew of slates; wild speculation about exactly why Google is (or isn’t) pulling out of China; a rousing cry of joy at the arrival of fines for companies that mishandle data; cynicism for the Government’s proposal to give 270,000 people laptops and broadband for free; and, to end, the team decides whether to make a webcam that works in the dark its Hot Hardware of the Week.

PC Pro Podcast 89

The first show of 2010 starts with the official unveiling of the winner of PC Pro’s Technology of the Decade poll. Then we assess news that mobile broadband networks are groaning under the sheer weight of data; wonder where smartbooks have suddenly popped up from; look at the first Google smartphone; talk about Intel’s latest and greatest processor technology; and finally check out a satnav with an interesting twist.