ArchiveJanuary 2010

PC Pro Podcast 92


This week’s pre-iPad podcast covers a new music download service from HP; the recent very clever attacks on Google; the latest developments in Chrome; how politicians are going head-to-head with BT; the financial news from AMD; and the hot hardware … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 91


This week we ponder on the wisdom of the UK Government using a web browser from the stone age; take a closer look at Nvidia’s new Fermi architecture; stand aghast at the repercussions of an innocent(ish) tweet; gasp at the … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 90


This week’s show sees Barry and Tim relive the highlights of CES 2010, from the new Motorola smartphone to the surprising slew of slates; wild speculation about exactly why Google is (or isn’t) pulling out of China; a rousing cry … Continue reading →



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