PC Pro Podcast 101

It’s the start of a new century, and to kick off we look at a cautionary tale of cold-calling scams; put the boot into Ofcom for its limp response to ISPs flouting the rules; assess whether the Times website has a chance of getting people to pay for its content; celebrate the integration of Flash into Chrome; look at the (very) Hot Hardware of the Week in the form of Nvidia Fermi; and annouce the winner of Hot Hardware of the Century.

PC Pro Podcast 100

An historic moment this week as the PC Pro Podcast reaches its 100th sparkling edition. And to complement it we have some sparkling wine, courtesy of generous listener Roy Tait. In more technology-related areas, we discuss Google’s China predicament; the sound political grounding of the Pirate Party; the memory card that’s more expensive than gold; the future of Palm; and we invite you our listeners to vote for what you consider to be the hot hardware of the century.

PC Pro Podcast 99

On this week’s show we find a few words of praise for Internet Explorer 9; scratch our collective heads over Microsoft’s decision to drop cut and paste from Windows 7 Phone Series; applaud Spotify’s announcement of 320,000 paying subscribers; condemn Facebook’s attempts to clamp down on stalker apps; and decide whether Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge has got what it takes to be our Hot Hardware of the Week.