PC Pro Podcast 113

In this week’s edition, we take a look at the looming e-reader price war that’s threatening to shake up the market; take a look at the newest dual-screen laptop that lacks a keyboard; wax clueless about battery chemistry and carbon nanotubes; wonder if reports of the death of mobile broadband are premature; and put a staggeringly cheap internet-access laptop through the Hot Hardware of the Week grinder, to see what comes out the other side.

PC Pro Podcast 112

On this week’s podcast we ponder whether Linux is really a safer OS than Windows, cast an unsympathetic eye over Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system and mourn the passing of O2′s unlimited mobile data plans. A study suggesting that young children should be kept away from computers has Darien and David waxing nostalgic, just for a change. And we coo over not one but two shiny new pieces of hardware, namely the new Apple Mac mini and the joojoo internet tablet.

PC Pro Podcast 111

This week we have to kick off with a mention of that Apple phone again. We also discuss the interesting ideas in the new version of Safari; wonder at the wisdom of giving every printer its own email address; marvel at the Microsoft sync tool that’s completely out of sync with itself; and take a look at one of the biggest software releases of the year in Hot Software of the Week.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 – DNS stops working

We have recently upgraded to Windows Server 2008 R2 and now, at random
intervals DNS stops working. After lots of trawling the web, it appears that the
problem is experienced by almost everyone – and is caused by Microsoft’s “E”
DNS. The only way to get DNS working again is then to re-start the DNS service –
something that is a complete pain, not to mention time-consuming!

Thankfully we have found a simple fix:

Open command prompt

Type: dnscmd /config /EnableEDNSProbes 0

press Enter.