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PC Pro Podcast 118


This week Dell’s income stream come under the spotlight; it turns out Intel’s yet-to-be-released super interface is obsolete already; Ofcom is under the kosh again; we talk about Dell again as Ubuntu disappears from its website; Apple releases a 12-core … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 117


This week we get pithy with a marvellous five-second guide to Ubuntu vs Windows; we look at how Google’s incredible expansion this year; take a disgracefully easy pot-shot at the Treasury’s website debacle; assess whether you can live off the … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 116


This week we kick off with an in-depth discussion of the latest Westminster debates around file sharing; look at the big news about Windows 7; give our opinion of the Government website that asks for opinions; have a brief look … Continue reading →



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