ArchiveSeptember 2010

PC Pro Podcast 127


This week the team is split over the prospect of a two-tier Internet; slaps its collective forehead over the antics of both law firms and file-sharing vigilantes; looks at an exciting new camera technology; wonders if Nokia can pull itself … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 126


Intel is no stranger to controversy, and in this week’s podcast we dicuss its latest marketing wheeze. Then we move on to kick the tyres of Adobe’s latest consumer-level photo-editing package; consider the undeniable cleverness of the recent Twitter attack; … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 125


In this week’s lively discussion: the main news from the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco; the latest initiative from Ofcom to rein in outlandish mobile broadband speed claims; angry ISPs get saddled with costs for illegal file sharers; and … Continue reading →



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