ArchiveDecember 2010

PC Pro Podcast 139 – Christmas Quiz


On this week’s Christmas Special edition of the podcast, Tim Danton slips on the quiz master’s jacket and tests the team’s knowledge of the year in tech. Find out how the team prosper/flounder with the Guess The News Story, Mystery … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 138


On this week’s podcast we look forward to Windows 8 tablets, look in disbelief at 3′s wireless data plans, talk about a bad day in court for the file-sharing lawyers, and celebrate an end to sponsored blog “reviews”. Finally, Sasha … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 137


On this week’s PC Pro podcast we reveal what’s going at Google, investigate an alleged antivirus software scam, probe into BT’s 1Gbit/sec broadband trials and find out why file-sharers aren’t in it for the money. Plus, the Orb MP-1 media … Continue reading →



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