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Apple TV


If you had asked me even 12 months ago about my views on Apple products I would have dismissed them out of hand, and in many cases I would still have a major dispute with anyone who thinks the MacOs is in any way a good operating system…. however when it comes to mobile devices, Apple have changed my life. The latest Apple product to grace the TV stand is Apple TV. Upon arrival in a tiny, tiny...

PC Pro Podcast 147


On this week’s show we discuss the potential impact of shift to 24-bit audio on iTunes, the arrival of Kinect on Windows, Google’s plans to murder the address bar, and BT’s fibre broadband lottery. Plus, Brother’s A3 all-in-one is nominated … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 146


On this week’s show we discuss the fallout from PC Pro’s Ubuntu Day experiment, the killer smartphones and tablets from Mobile World Congress, a Wi-Fi breakthrough and Twitter’s impact on TV. Plus there’s an innovative touchscreen monitor nominated for Hot … Continue reading →



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