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PC Pro Podcast 152


On the PC Pro podcast this week: Amazon upsets the music labels, Spotify arrives on home entertainment hardware, why Android phones could replace your debit card and fixing the Digital Economy Act. Plus Acer’s Iconia is up for Hot Hardware.

iPad heater


Today has been interesting… Originally scheduled to be in meetings (not very demanding for an iPad) that have since been cancelled, I have been pushing the iPad rather harder…. Remote desktop sessions in particular. After 7 hours of non-stop use i have been noticing that the screen seems rather hot….something that I realised when a tiny crumb of dairy milk chocolate dropped on...

Water-powered radio!


During my browsing on the internet I found a device that ought to be a gift to those who have family members that love singing in the shower! The Water Powered Shower Radio, and as the name suggests, you need not burden your monthly electricity bill with this, and the other advantage would be to have its audio content drown out the voice of the one singing. This is one radio that’s going to make...



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