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Could Dropbox replace the Small Office Server?


It started as many IT Consultancy visits do – a “quick visit” to sort out a minor problem with sending an email at a small business (9 members of staff with a PC each), and then, out of nowhere comes the question that we dread when on a tight time-scale with the next month already booked up in advance… “we need an server to share files for all of us – could you...

PC Pro Podcast 160


On the show this week: we reveal what’s in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ update, ask why laptop manufacturers hate matte screens, debate Apple’s stance on malware and what’s coming in Windows 8. Plus, HTC’s 7in Android tablet is this … Continue reading →

Apple iPad 2 – 20 essential apps


Apple says there are more than 65,000 iPad apps in the iTunes App Store. With   that kind of choice, finding the best can be difficult. Garageband Apple,   £2.99 Apple’s music creation app has long been popular on the Mac but its iPad   makeover takes it beyond what was possible on a desktop. The touchscreen   allows the iPad to become a whole range of musical instruments, some of   which can do...



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