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PC Pro Podcast 194


On the show this week: O2 gets in hot water for sharing its customers’ phone numbers, Apple looks to teach kids a thing or two (about making pots of money), Ubuntu drops the drop-down menu and Megaupload breathes its last. … Continue reading →

Apple Reports Best Quarter Ever, Again


Apple’s quarterly results once again blew analysts’ expectation out of the water. If you count iPads as PCs, Apple is now the world’s biggest PC maker. The company sold 37 million iPhones and 15.4 million iPads in Q1, reporting revenues of $46.3 billion for the quarter and a net profit of $13.87 per share.

Apple iBooks Author. Amazing for authors, worrying for traditional publishers


A brand new application was revealed this week at the Apple education event by the name of iBooks Author, this Mac Os only app brought on aside the iBooks 2 app update and the addition of interactive Textbooks to the fold. The Apple Education event has played host to a set of updates to the iPad-based world of books, the iBooks Author app at the center of how you’ll be making books yourself with...



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