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PC Pro Podcast 203


On this week’s podcast, Nicole returns from Scotland to report on BT’s white-space broadband; we also discuss online privacy, the stigma (or otherwise) of being accused of downloading porn and whether it’s ever right for employers to ask applicants for … Continue reading →

Set up Dropbox as a Service


I love Dropbox. We’ve finally got rid of the file servers in the corner and rely on the Dropbox service for all our internal storage, backup and mirroring to other servers. recently we’ve started building web applications that can be dynamically updated by just copying files into a Dropbox share – and our clients love it! Key to this is getting Dropbox set up as a service on the...

PC Pro Podcast 202


This week we discuss Google tweaking its algorithms to defeat SEO; Seagate’s 60TB hard disk (in twenty years’ time); whether “fragmentation” is harming Android; the BBC’s plan to sell digital downloads; and Chrome overtaking Internet Explorer – but only at … Continue reading →



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