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PC Pro Podcast 212


On this week’s podcast we discuss Google’s new Chromebox; weigh up warnings that office workers will “revolt” if not upgraded to Windows 7; discuss the still-ongoing trial over the Twitter “bomb threat”; and vent our frustration at the ICO’s abrupt … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 211


On this week’s podcast, Aero Glass goes out the window, Windows 8 proves too fast for the F8 key, UK broadband funding favours BT, Facebook’s flotation starts to sink and Mozilla urges everyone to code. Finally, Tiffen’s Smoothee brings steadicam … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 210


On this week’s podcast we discuss AMD’s new “Trinity” processors, cheap Windows 8 upgrades, browser-blocking in WinRT and some over-eager censorship on the mobile web. Our hot hardware candidate is the new Alienware M17x – the first laptop we’ve seen … Continue reading →



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