PC Pro Podcast 228

In this week’s podcast we discuss whether the iPhone 5 shows Apple has lost its way; ask who would pay $99 a year for Office 365; tackle the big question of whether piracy is bad; and report on Intel’s new concept of voice- and gesture-driven “perceptual computing”. Our hot hardware candidate is Motorola’s irritatingly written RAZR i smartphone.

Five to Twelve

You know that feeling
The one that you get
When you have something to do
But choose to forget

Its like that time each day
When you should go to bed
You find anything, something
To occ-u-py your head

The time it ticks on
And you find something new
Your wife is in bed
You start watching film two

Minutes they do pass fast
And you glance up, “oh brother”
Now its five to twelve
And you slip under the cover