Full-Screen Slideshow in Mountain Lion

Its amazing the hidden gems that are hidden away in Mac Os that I am still discovering.

To do this, select all of the pictures in the Finder that you want to view, then hold down the Command+Option (alt)+Y keys together to create an instant Full-Screen slideshow of the selected images.

Pressing the the small tile is also rather nice, and shows an index sheet of all the images that you have selected for the slideshow.

Backup SQL Server

Ever tried to back up an SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2008 R2 or 2012 Database and found that you have to stop the service? We have been trying for years to back up our databases, but every time we have to stop and re-start the sqlserver service, until now.

Its really simple to backup AND restore a database using the command line. Note that you have to store the database on a drive, not a UNC path or mapped share.


C:\>SqlCmd -E -S ServerName –Q “BACKUP DATABASE NameOfDatabase TO DISK=’C:\backup\NameOfDatabase.bak’”


Whats great about this is that you can create a batch file that not only does this, but then FTP’s the backup file directly to another server, so that you have multiple backups.



SqlCmd -E -S ServerName –Q “RESTORE DATABASE NameOfDatabase FROM DISK=’C:\backup\NameOfDatabase.bak’”

An important thing to remember when using the restore command is that it is meant to be used on the same SQL Server that the backup file was created on.

SQL backup files store file location information that control where and how the data files in the backup file are copied. If you are restoring a backup from a different SQL Server, the path locations in the backup file may not match the server you are restoring to and an error will result. While this can be worked around, it is much easier to restore backups created on another SQL Server using the SQL Management Studio tool.

PC Pro Podcast 233

On this week’s podcast, Apple refreshes its range of iPads, iMacs and Macbooks, we take EE to task for its stingy 4G data caps, the world readies itself for the launch of Windows 8, and the UK government doles out 50 scholarships to budding Computer Science teachers. Our Hot Hardware of the Week is Lian Li’s eccentric train-shaped PC case, the PC-CK101.

PC Pro Podcast 232

On this week’s lengthy podcast we discuss Gary McKinnon’s extradition reprieve, look at new ebook readers from Amazon and Kobo, question the validity of EPEAT green certification and debate whether Microsoft has hit the right price for its Surface RT tablet. Our Hot Hardware of the Week is the Sony Vaio Duo 11, an ingenious Windows 8 laptop-cum-tablet.

Elegant Themes Chameleon Remove Overlay From Slider

Elegant Themes Chameleon WordPress Theme Remove Overlay From JQuery Slider

Its a problem that seemingly loads of users have faced, when using a JQuery “slider” (showing rotating images), how to remove the overlay text that normally appears – edit the Style.css


Appearance > Editor



at the very bottom, add:

.featured-description {display:none !important;}