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Checking for null when querying a datatable or dataview in ASP.Net (VB)


You can check for null when applying a select or a filter to a datatable or dataview it is easy to filter by a field that is equal to something, but much more difficult to check if it is null. For example (dataview):         Dim dv As DataView = Db.GetData("uspDatabaseMenuiser_Select").Tables(0).AsDataView         dv.RowFilter = "ParentMenuID = 0"         dv.Sort = "MenuTitle ASC"           As...

How to reset the maintenance required / service required / oil change light on a Toyota Landcruiser


So if you ever change your own oil in your car or get anyone else other than Toyota to service your car, then you need to know how to re-set the annoying flashing yellow spanner light below the fuel gauge. The steps Put the key in the ignition and turn it up one notch. The dashboard lights will not turn on Press the button next to the odometer to get it to Trip A (different models require either...

PC Pro Podcast 235


On this week’s podcast, Google quietly slips Do Not Track into Chrome, the UK government looks to save money online, we mourn the passing of Microsoft Live Messenger and Virgin’s TV and landline services go mobile. Finally, we cast our … Continue reading →



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