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PC Pro Podcast 285


On this week’s podcast: Microsoft tries to scare XP users into upgrading; 3D-printed “gun parts” turn out to be printer spares; Apple’s profits take a tumble despite record iPhone sales; and F-Secure’s Mykko Hypponen worries that the web has become … Continue reading →

Minecrafter Badge


I have commissioned a special badge with a goal of showing that the wearer is an avid Minecraft player. If used in Scouting, at present it can only be worn on uniform for 1 year from the date of issue as a custom badge with approval from your county commissioner, however I am working to get it internationally recognised as an activity badge. I have requested approval from the Scout Association to...

1000 Subscribers!


Today I am honoured and privileged, my blog has reached new heights of numbers of subscribers Рover 1000 subscribers! With daily visitors now averaging over 100 visitors per day, its really great that so many people are finding things I have written about to be useful. Just last week one of the guys I work with said that he was talking to a fellow developer  who lives in England and they...



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