ArchiveNovember 2013

PC Pro Podcast 289


On this week’s podcast we discuss Windows RT’s uncertain future; Eric Schmidt’s prediction that censorship will soon be a thing of the past; Yahoo’s attempts to get its own employees to use its services; and labour conditions at Amazon’s distribution … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 288


On this week’s podcast we discuss Google and Microsoft blocking illegal porn searches; we take a look inside the clean-room of a data recovery firm; and we discuss CryptoLocker, a nasty virus targeting British businesses. Our hot hardware candidate is … Continue reading →

PC Pro Podcast 287


On this week’s podcast: we ponder whether fibre broadband can boost the UK economy; Motorola patents a microphone embedded in a neck tattoo; Facebook resets user passwords following the Adobe security breach; and a German ISP offers businesses a hacker-proof … Continue reading →



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