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MAMP Pro – Access MySQL from another machine


To access MySQL that has been installed as part of MAMP: 1.  Click on File, Edit Template and then MySQLmy.cnf 2. On line 37 (normally) you will see the bind-address = (localhost) by default. Change this to: 3. Open phpMyAdmin on the local machine, click on the Users tab and then Add user 4. Enter details of the username and password. On the Database for user section choose...

NI Railways Wifi – not connecting – solved!


After nearly 1 hour of trying to decipher the problem why when trying to connect to the Wifi Service on the train and getting an error, I have finally found the issue. The error you get is that the page re-directs to itself in a never-ending loop. This happens regardless of whether using Windows or MacOs. If you have configured a different DNS server (e.g. then you cannot connect to the...

Mac Os – Convert .dmg files to .iso (ISO-9660 Filesystem)


To convert a .dmg file to .iso on Mac OS is really easy.
Open Terminal and type (if your file is on the desktop):
hdiutil makehybrid -o ~/Desktop/outputFile ~/Desktop/sourceFile.dmg
NB. The outputFile DOES NOT have a file extension, only the source file has the .dmg extension.
This converts the .dmg to an ISO-9660 compatible ISO.



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