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Scouts -Bivouac Adventure – Autumn 2016


As part of our Survival Skills badge we are having an overnight camp from Saturday 5th November to morning of Sunday 6th November. No tents needed, we will be building shelters in Ballycastle Forest and sleeping in them overnight. Drop-off at the Ballycastle Forest Car Park on Drumavoley Road at 12:30pm (have an early lunch before you come). This will give you 3-4 hours to get building your...

SQL Nationalities Table (SQL format)


In the same way that getting a list of countries of the world can be tedious when developing a web-based system or website, nationality is one of those drop-down list boxes that is very time-consuming to populate behind the scenes. In many cases most developers resort to the copy/paste from Wikipedia method. So after doing that, I decided to export the SQL so that you don’t have to! CREATE...

MySQL Countries Of The World Table in SQL


Sometimes we need a list of all countries, and whilst searching Wikipedia and copy and pasting is fine, it can take a long time and is tedious, so here is an SQL Country List to copy and paste.   CREATE TABLE `settingsCountries` ( `CountryID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `CountryCode` varchar(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT ”, `CountryName` varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT ”, PRIMARY KEY...



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