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PHP Function to replace all new line characters in a string with BR tag


There is an incredible but little known built-in function with PHP that replaces all new line characters within a string with html <br /> tags. Its perfect if you ever want to display the contents of a text area within HTML. $str = nl2br($str); This will replace all new line characters with valid XHTML <br /> tags. There is also an optional parameter to turn of XHTML and just use...

Bee Keeping Course


Alistair Jinks shares some of his experience when attending a beginners bee keeping course at the local Roe Valley club. “I was surprised when my wife gave me this course as a Christmas present. Whilst I was pleased at her kindness, I was not sure what to expect. Would it be oral, written or practical? What sort of people teach about bees? What type of people go along? Would I fit in and like...



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