Personality Test Result – ESTP

I’ve just completed a personality test, and I found it shocking just how accurate the result was. I completed the test at and was rather surprised at the result. I thought I would be an ENTJ, but after looking at that result, I really understand that I’m not!

E = Extraversion

I = Introversion

S = Sensing

N = iNtuition

T = Thinking

F = Feeling

P = Perception

J = Judgement

Oriented towards action, alert, and crafty, you are hard-headed and adaptable. Flexible, pragmatic, and straightforward, you don’t beat around the bush but tend to get straight to the point. You are quick to size up a situation and quick to arrive at a working solution for addressing whatever problems you may encounter. Your open, shrewd, and agile attitude tends to mean that others sometimes look to you for guidance on what to do. In fact, you also tend to speak of the challenges that lie before you in a way that motivates others to join in and offer their help. Through your relaxed and flexible attitude, and enviable people skills, you are thereby capable of assembling coalitions to do what one man could not. Using any (or at least most) of the means at your disposal to reach your goals, you are persuasive and competitive to a fault and truly an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.

Interestingly in a similar test, there are some surprising results:

According to a study done by Jeffery J. Mondak, Ph.D., your scores indicate that you are:

  • More likely to favor military intervention as a means of solving foreign policy problems.
  • Less likely to think that international cooperation will solve foreign policy problems.
  • More likely to take responsibility and to take an active interest in your community.
  • More likely to be patriotic and proud of your country.
  • More likely to enjoy romantic fiction than the rest of the population.
  • More likely to have a tolerant attitude towards smoking.
  • More likely to favor mild criminal punishments over harsher ones. – NOOO!
  • More likely to watch TV, read the news, and stay up to date on current events.
  • More likely to mobilize your friends to take part in your own interests.
  • Someone who seems opinionated to others, while being in fact quite open-minded and tolerant of opposing views.
  • More likely to enjoy fitness training and physical exercise.
  • More likely to nurture a few select beliefs that you regard as settled in stone.
  • Less likely to flirt with harm and danger.
  • Less likely to have insurance or to belong to a labor union.

MySQL ibtmp1 file grows exponentially

Recently we have had several servers run out of hard drive space causing inaccessibility and crashing. On further investigation the hard drive was full so many operations were complaining. The hard drive was being consumed by a very large file within the /var/lib/mysql directory called ibtmp1.

ibtmp1 is a temporary working file for MySQL. When you turn the MySQL server off and on again the file is deleted and the server runs again without issue until the file becomes too large again.

After some quick research we found that adding or editing a few settings in the MySQL configuration allows you to limit the size of this file and prevent this issue from reoccurring.

Open the mysqld.cnf file. The location of our mysqld.cnf was in /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.conf. According to the file you can also copy this configuration to /etc/mysql/my.cnf. Our my.cnf just had an include to the mysqld.cnf file.

The file should have some sections like:


There should be a section for InnoDB settings. If not, it is fine to add these configuration settings at the bottom of the file.

Here is the configuration variable:

innodb_temp_data_file_path = ibtmp1:12M:autoextend:max:1G

This value can be tweaked based on your server setup and needs but these are the settings we used for our server to set the file to start at 12 MB and limit it to 1 GB.

While setting this we also set a few other variables for optimisation:


Policy Proposal – Broadband

The Practical Party Making practical policies to make everyones lives that little bit better. Policy Proposal – Broadband / Internet Connectivity Minimum broadband speeds Every household and business will have a legal right to a minimum of 100Mbit internet connectivity, with a 5 year plan to increase this to 1Gbit. There will be a price-cap of £30 per household or business for this connectivity. If BT cannot achieve the FULL roll-out within a 2 year time-scale then a new regional network will be set up to offer 100% wifi coverage on a single network. It will be completely open and free to everyone in the whole country. Data limits All data caps both on mobile and fixed line internet connectivity are no longer permitted. There should not be a penalty for using the internet more.   NB. As always, we welcome your comments on all policy proposals.