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Personality Test Result – ESTP


I’ve just completed a personality test, and I found it shocking just how accurate the result was. I completed the test at  and was rather surprised at the result. I thought I would be an ENTJ, but after looking at that result, I really understand that I’m not! E = Extraversion I = Introversion S = Sensing N = iNtuition T = Thinking F = Feeling P = Perception J = Judgement Oriented...

MySQL ibtmp1 file grows exponentially


Recently we have had several servers run out of hard drive space causing inaccessibility and crashing. On further investigation the hard drive was full so many operations were complaining. The hard drive was being consumed by a very large file within the /var/lib/mysql directory called ibtmp1. ibtmp1 is a temporary working file for MySQL. When you turn the MySQL server off and on again the file...

Policy Proposal – Broadband


The Practical Party Making practical policies to make everyones lives that little bit better. Policy Proposal – Broadband / Internet Connectivity Minimum broadband speeds Every household and business will have a legal right to a minimum of 100Mbit internet connectivity, with a 5 year plan to increase this to 1Gbit. There will be a price-cap of £30 per household or business for this...



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