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Ubuntu – Backup Amazon EC2 to S3 (Pre-requisites)


Pre-requisites on the server are Amazon S3 tools, and zip sudo apt-get install s3cmd sudo apt-get install zip unzip You then need to configure the s3cmd to use the Access Code and Secret Key from the IAM within your AWS console. Its recommended that you set up a new user with programmatic access only for each server / project, and give the user the AmazonS3FullAccess permission. Back on the...

MySQL Collation Error


Occasionally I come across databases written by other developers who have a complete mix of character sets, and where the database character set does not match the character set of fields within a table. This causes all sorts of nasty errors when trying to use CONCAT or CONCAT_WS. Errors like: Illegal mix of collations for operation ‘concat_ws’) The most common cause is that the...



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