Download LARS as a .sql file


Its a constant challenge to keep many of the systems that I help develop up to date with Government data sources. One of the most awkward is the LARS (Learning Aims Reference Service) database. () It’s updated several times a month, and is only available for download in .mdb, .csv and .psv files – none of which are even remotely useful for integrating with existing databases in a...

Do you NEED a modern computer?


I LOVE technology. Yes, that is intentionally LOVE in uppercase. I am absolutely hooked. I am not quite at the level of Apple-addict that I queue for a product, but I’m firmly hooked in the early adopter camp. Earlier this month I was lamenting that the fan on my £5,500 MacBook Pro seemed to always be on, and reminisced that it didnt used to be. I couldn’t figure out why there would...

Let Me Entertain You


Just over 5 years ago, I decided to start on a journey to make our office an amazing place to work. The first brave step was to cancel the traditional office Christmas party, and instead allow everyone to vote on what to spend the money on instead.  Year One was table football (and a  Dr Who door wrap to the store room). Getting everyone up away from their desks and doing something even remotely...



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