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What a waist of Coca-Cola


Yep, you read that right, I did deliberately say “waist” instead of “waste”. Strange I know, but it has a meaning, honest. On 18th December I had a startling moment of realisation. I was on my 3rd can of Coca Cola of the day, plus had drank lots of shloer and other sugar-laden drinks. My gut hurt, and I realised that the belt on my jeans was now on its maximum notch it...

Morning Meditation


I like to take time every morning to think about things before I get up. Here are a few of the random thoughts that have flitted into my mind recently.

The door to happiness opens outwards

Yesterday you danced but inside you still cry

We find out what we’re made of, when called to help a friend in need

I watched the door but no one came through, I watched the sun taking pictures of you

Data validation drives quality and cuts costs


Something that comes up regularly with a large portion of our customer base is that they need to submit data to their funders. This is fine, because as a software company it’s easy to add the data fields so that the required personal data can be entered. What is very difficult however is to ensure that the data that is input meets the quality standards of the funders, and is compliant with...



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