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Marmite Parody Song 2 – Marmite Toast


To the Ghostbusters Theme tune Mar-mite Toast! If there’s something missing From your breakfast table Watcha gonna do? Mar-mite Toast! If there’s cereal And tea and juice Watcha gonna make? Mar-mite Toast! I ain’t ‘fraid of no yeast I ain’t ‘fraid of no yeast If all you’ve got Is plain noodles  What can you do? Mar-mite them! An essential spread When ill...

Marmite Parody Song 1 – Marmite One More Time


To the music from Baby One More Time by Britney Spears Oh marmite, marmite Oh marmite, marmite Oh marmite, marmite, how was I supposed to know That you would taste so good, yea Oh marmite, marmite get on to my toast right nowwwww And then I’m gonna eat you Show me what else can you go on Tell me marmite, ‘cause I need to know now, oh because These other toppings are not as nice (and I) I must...

Couch to 5k


I started running to do the couch to 5k challenge 3 months ago today. What an incredible journey. In a nutshell, you should have a go at doing it. I’m fitter and healthier today than I have been for years. Getting started was really difficult, but the BBC app made it a lot easier to get going. I chose to have the comedian Sarah Millican be my coach, and she was great a keeping me going when...



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