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ipad-mini-smart-cover-redMy iPad 2 was rather worse for wear and I decided that it was really time to replace it, but replace it with what?

I looked at what I primarily used the ipad for and realised that I mostly used it for Email, Web Browsing and Reading.

With this in mind I soon realised that there was no way I could justify parting with a huge amount of money for a “proper” iPad 4 with a retina display, there was really no need.

I decided instead to go for a new iPad Mini and got a striking red cover for it too. Its seems rather faster than my iPad 2, and so far when using it, I haven’t really noticed that the screen is any different. The main thing I notice is how light it is, and that it fits into my coat pocket. Thanks to iCloud, it has been a seamless transition moving all my apps and content (including books, email, and even open tabs in Safari) from my iPad 2 to new iPad Mini!

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