Apple iBooks Author. Amazing for authors, worrying for traditional publishers


A brand new application was revealed this week at the Apple education event by the name of iBooks Author, this Mac Os only app brought on aside the iBooks 2 app update and the addition of interactive Textbooks to the fold.

The Apple Education event has played host to a set of updates to the iPad-based world of books, the iBooks Author app at the center of how you’ll be making books yourself with your Mac desktop machine. Stunning templates are included and it has a super-simple interface so that anyone, no matter their background, can make a fully interactive book for use in the iBooks world.

Traditional book publishers will be understandably worried, with Apple only charging 30% per sale, authors will be significantly better off (70% of every sale!) than with a traditional publisher, where they will typically see between 2 and 5% of the digital list price of each book sold.

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