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LARS Script for MySQL that is not linked to any database, so can be run directly on any MySQL import script and imports the entire LARS database.

This is a MySQL Version of the Microsoft Access MDB version found at

Version 7 – Applicable from August 2019


GP Practices List in MySQL for The United Kingdom


In our quest to make lookups easier and faster for customers we sometimes take the time to collate open government data sources that are in horrible Excel/CSV/MDB/Text files with differing columns into a single standardised MySQL database table. GP Practices was one such mess of OpenGov Data. The GPPractices-2020-06-02.sql file contains the following numbers of GP Practice details: England...

All UK Addresses in SQL


Its something that is always annoying, having to try to do address look-ups, there are loads of third-party services that offer this, but they all charge per lookup or block of look-ups. We packaged up our complete UK Address list (All of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) into a wonderful MySQL Script that runs to create a single Addresses table containing all of the 30,689,521...



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