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Data validation drives quality and cuts costs


Something that comes up regularly with a large portion of our customer base is that they need to submit data to their funders. This is fine, because as a software company it’s easy to add the data fields so that the required personal data can be entered, specially when you use a good data management software (you can look here for more info). What is very difficult however is to ensure that...

Should I start my own business?


Since starting my own business back in 2006, its something that I get asked every few months by someone: “Should I start my own business?” It’s always a tricky question to answer because there are so many different types of business. I also get asked what’s the best bit about running your own business, and having been an employee and now an employer, that I can answer more...

Essential viewing for web developers


Every now and again I come across some amazing videos on YouTube that I think are relevant to all web developers. One author (video blogger? – not sure what they are called) who is particularly brilliant is Tom Scott. He wonderfully articulates how web technologies and their exploits happen, and how to ensure that you don’t fall in to the same traps as many systems/sites out there...



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