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Buying a new car…. to save money?


As many projects that seem to have come from nowhere, this one actually did. It all started when I took a random notion to add up just how much money I had spent on fuel for the Toyota Landcruiser in the past 12 months. £3740 ..yes, thats really it, a shocking amount of money! A testament to just how much of a reliance on cars living in the countryside gives you. And then I started working out...

Could Dropbox replace the Small Office Server?


It started as many IT Consultancy visits do – a “quick visit” to sort out a minor problem with sending an email at a small business (9 members of staff with a PC each), and then, out of nowhere comes the question that we dread when on a tight time-scale with the next month already booked up in advance… “we need an server to share files for all of us – could you...

Water-powered radio!


During my browsing on the internet I found a device that ought to be a gift to those who have family members that love singing in the shower! The Water Powered Shower Radio, and as the name suggests, you need not burden your monthly electricity bill with this, and the other advantage would be to have its audio content drown out the voice of the one singing. This is one radio that’s going to make...



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