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All UK Addresses in SQL


Its something that is always annoying, having to try to do address look-ups, there are loads of third-party services that offer this, but they all charge per lookup or block of look-ups. We packaged up our complete UK Address list (All of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) into a wonderful MySQL Script that runs to create a single Addresses table containing all of the 30,689,521...

MEEE6 Commands


Commands Plugin Commands !deletebotmessage Deletes Bot Messages !warning1 — !warning2 — !warning3 — Levels Plugin Commands !levels Get a link to the leaderboard !rank (optional user) Get the rank of anyone in the server Moderator Plugin Commands !ban [member] (optional reason) Bans a member from the server !tempban [member] [duration] (optional reason) Temporarly bans a member...



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