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My favourite movies


So, its super difficult to have just a “top 10” movies, so I decided to cheat a bit and categorise them based on emotion / how I am feeling, thus I can have multiple top 10’s. If I’m feeling in need of adventure / dreams: The Matrix TrilogyAny Marvel movie, but particularly Avengers Infinity War / End Game and Captain MarvelThe Bourne UltimatumA Knights...

How Chavvy is my supermarket?


I had a crazy idea, and I was bored. Is there a correlation between what people wear and the demographic that visits particular supermarkets? Over the years I’ve heard loads of people describe ASDA as “chavvy” before, but is this definition merited? To start with, I had to research, what exactly is “chavvy” – and it turns out that one of the biggest indicators...

Who am I?


I like technology, but not the race. I like to be wrapped in warm fluffy blankets near an open fire and listen to the rain, but not be smothered. I want go to a log cabin next to a lake in the summer up in the mountains. It will have a long wooden dock nearby and an old boathouse with boards missing from the roof, and a place to sit and dangle your feet over the edge into the water when you want...



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