Windows 95


As is always useful when making a virtual machine running Windows 95 to test your websites on (yes, there are still users out there running Windows 95!) Download Windows 95b ISO (ISO-9660) Some keys: Windows 95 OEM Version : CD-Key: 12095-OEM-0004226-12233 or 15795-OEM-0001355-07757 or 16595-OEM-0001695-96524 Windows 95 OEM Version (02) : 16595-OEM-0001695-96527 or 30095-OEM-0006161-61513 or...

How to add an SSL certificate to IIS in Windows Server 2008 R2


Its something I do without really thinking about, just get another certificate and add it to the server so that the website can load with https:// instead of http:// I have used lots of different SSL providers, however I have found that the most reliable and easy to use is and their customer service and support is exceptional. I will try to make this as step-by-step as I...



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